Our 12 corporate guidelines

Guideline 1:
We know the importance of customer satisfaction: the technology and quality of our products as well as the quality of our services are decisive for our success.

Guideline 2:
We grasp the needs of our customers quickly and efficiently. We continuously convert them into marketable, profitable products and services within our core competence.

Guideline 3:
We support our business partners in a goal-oriented, friendly and fair manner.

Guideline 4:
We make decisions in the interests of the company and adhere to the agreed rules and regulations.

Guideline 5:
We treat each other fairly, respectfully and with mutual respect. We attach particular importance to the satisfaction and motivation of our employees.

Guideline 6:
We are quality-conscious, qualified and value-oriented.

Guideline 7:
We actively strive for optimization and continuous improvement.

Guideline 8:
We promote the professional and personal development of our employees.

Guideline 9:
We act and lead in a team- and process-oriented manner. We delegate and take responsibility and address the completion.

Guideline 10:
We inform each other and practice open, value-oriented and personal communication.

Guideline 11:
We protect our environment and our resources sustainably. We are aware of our social responsibility.

Guideline 12:
We comply with legal regulations.

A strong, good and value-based employer